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Mitsubishi Air Con Integration

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The new PIXIE Integration with Mitsubishi Electric Split and Ducted Air Con systems is now available.

Note: The video above has only a small overview section – we recommend heading to the support article for full details.

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This works with all compatible Mitsubishi Electric Systems

  • PIXIE G3 Gateway required
  • Mitsubishi Electric WiFi module needed per head unit
  • Works with SPLIT and Ducted systems
  • The correct GUI ( user interface) is automatically selected in PIXIE PLUS App depending on the head unit model number – no configuration needed
  • Integration access to all PIXIE device, group and scene cntrol capabilities
  • Intgeration with PIXIE PLUS PROGRAMode functionality

How to use Mitsubishi Electric with PIXIE PRGOGRAMode for Advanced Functionality

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