PIXIE Certified Installer Course


This online PIXIE Certified Installers Course is the most comprehensive training course available for any smart home product in Australia.

Be part of a growing community of PIXIE Certified Installers
Get certified and your free PIXIE Starter kit on completion
50 quick & fast VIDEO LESSONS for PIXIE smart home product, application and deployment
Online Quizs to test your knowledge and increase learning
Live Q & A section in a friendly and helpful community
With demand for smart home technology from homeowners at all levels of the market, PIXIE is uniquely suited to both new homes and existing homes from its modular design and Australian origin.

Created by SAL National, the creators of the PIXIE range of smart home products, this online training course provides you all the insider knowledge needed to successfully deliver PIXIE smart home solutions to your customers.

Made for Electricians, the course not only prepares you for providing PIXIE smart homes for your customers, once completed, SAL National will send you a PIXIE Starter Kit for free!


The PIXIE Certified Installers Course is free and requires a PIXIE Partners account ( our PIXIE rewards program which is also free!)


Course Details

Estimated Time: About 2 hours

Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced



Simon J Richardson Simon J Richardson

Simon is the National Technology Solution Manager for SAL National and has been involved with lighting control, building automation and smart home systems for over 20 years in 15 countries.


PIXIE System Overview

PIXIE Smart Dimmer Range

PIXIE Smart Switches and Timers

PIXIE Multifunction Controller (SMF/BTAS)

PIXIE Bell Press Enabled Devices

Using the PIXIE App

PIXIE 2 Way Switch (S2W/BT + S2W/BTAS)

PIXIE Remote Control Button

PIXIE Smart Double GPO (SPO23BTAM)

PIXIE LED Strip Control

PIXIE Indoor & Outdoor Sensors

PIXIE Gateway – Out of Home Control + Voice Control


Basics Review before Advanced Sections

PIXIE Integration – Blinds, Garage Doors, Security Systems, Legacy Home Automation Systems

PIXIE Translator Control – More Integration Possibilities

PIXIE Dual Relay Controller

AirCon and Intercom Integration

Wrapping Up

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